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Almost everyone has heard the saying that nothing is certain except death and taxes. However, for some individuals, taxes are not as certain as you may imagine. Many individuals or joint filers are accused of a variety of tax-related crimes every year by federal or state authorities. Both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Maryland state taxing authority take all types of tax crimes extremely seriously and have an extensive amount of resources dedicated to investigating possible tax fraud, collecting evidence of such, and prosecuting alleged offenders. Not only will tax fraud accusations result in you owing the IRS or state a substantial amount in unpaid taxes, but may also result in serious criminal charges.

If you have been accused of any tax crime, it is imperative that you consult with a highly experienced tax crimes defense lawyer as soon as you can. The Baltimore attorneys at The Casper Firm will begin building an aggressive defense against your tax fraud charges in order to best protect your rights in your case.

Defending Against Tax Crime Allegations in Baltimore

In order to be convicted of a tax crime, a prosecutor must be able to show that you knowingly did one of the following with the intent of evading tax liability:

  • Understated or failed to report your income
  • Exaggerated or falsified deductions
  • Used any false identifying information, such as your Social Security number, on your return
  • Used offshore accounts or similar means to hide taxable assets
  • Used fraudulent practices regarding payroll or employment tax
  • Failed to file a tax return or multiple returns
  • Used any other false information in regard to tax withholding or returns

The key element of tax crimes is that you must intentionally commit the fraud with the purpose of avoiding paying taxes. This means that if you simply make a mistake on your taxes, you should not be convicted of tax fraud. In fact, a common defense to tax-related offenses is that the defendant never intended to defraud the government or wrongfully evade taxes.

Tax Fraud Allegations Can Be Extremely Serious

If you are found guilty in criminal court of any type of tax fraud, you will likely have a felony conviction on your record and may face up to five years in either state or federal prison. You will also owe fines and court costs in addition to the tax liability alleged by the tax authority or IRS. The prison time, fines, and other consequences of tax fraud increase proportionately to the amount of taxes you are accused of evading.

Let The Casper Firm Help You

If you are accused of any kind of tax crime you need a qualified attorney with experience in defending this type of case. At The Casper Firm in Baltimore, we have the skill and resources to defend against allegations made by tax authorities, so please call our office today at 410-989-5097 to find out how we can help. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin developing a defense strategy that protects your rights.

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