Embezzlement Defense

Embezzlement is a form of white collar crime, a non-violent offense driven by wrongful financial gain. While many people may believe that white collar offenses are less serious because they do not cause physical harm, Maryland laws take embezzlement very seriously due to the severe financial harm such acts can cause. Unfortunately, many are wrongfully accused of involvement in embezzlement schemes and face serious consequences.

If you are suspected of embezzlement or related white collar crimes, contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer at The Casper Firm in Baltimore as soon as possible. Our attorneys can help protect your rights prior to and during arrest, during the often extensive investigation by authorities, and defend you against wrongful charges in Maryland criminal court.


Embezzlement is a type of theft crime and occurs when an individual wrongfully takes property entrusted to him or her by its owner. The key element of embezzlement is that the embezzler has permission to access the property but does not own it. Some examples of embezzlement include the following:

  • A bank teller who has permission to handle the money of clients and takes some for himself.
  • An investor entrusts money to a broker who claims to have invested the funds, but uses them for personal gain or to pay returns to other clients (known as a Ponzi scheme).
  • Company executives or officers falsify records or books in order to keep some profit for themselves.
  • An individual with permission to handle a relative’s finances makes secret personal withdrawals from the accounts.

These are but a few examples of the many ways that embezzlement schemes occur and criminal accusations arise.


Under Maryland law, individuals convicted of embezzlement offenses may face the following penalties and more:

  • One to five years in jail;
  • Fines;
  • Restitution (compensating the victim for the property taken);
  • Probation; and
  • Conviction on their criminal record.

A conviction may have a substantial effect on many embezzlement offenders. For example, if an individual previously worked in any type of financial industry, they will likely no longer be able to find employment in their field due to their past allegations. At times, just the allegation of embezzlement is enough to destroy a professional reputation. For these reasons, it is crucial to involve a qualified embezzlement defense attorney in your case as soon as you believe you are under investigation to limit the penalties you face.

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