If a prosecutor believes that you planned to commit a criminal offense with at least one other person, you may find yourself facing criminal charges for conspiracy. In addition to outlawing certain acts, federal law makes it illegal to conspire to commit those acts. Federal conspiracy cases can be complicated and building an effective defense strategy against these charges can be challenging. As such, you need the assistance of a defense lawyer who has experience handling this particular type of federal case. If you are facing federal conspiracy charges, call Baltimore based The Casper Firm for help.

What Constitutes Federal Conspiracy?

Federal conspiracy charges can arise from a number of different circumstances, from a group of people working together on a drug enterprise, to robbery, to white collar financial schemes. The law does not require any specific type of formal agreement to create the conspiracy, and prosecutors can use direct or circumstantial evidence to prove one’s involvement in a conspiracy. A conspiracy may be found even in circumstances when not all of its members have met or are aware of the extent of the conspiracy. One can be part of a conspiracy even while playing only a small role within it. 

A prosecutor does not have to prove that the crime actually took place, only that it was intended. It is required under federal law, however, that at least one individual makes an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. A common defense to conspiracy is that no such overt act toward committing the crime took place.

All Members of a Conspiracy Can Face Severe Penalties

A conviction for federal conspiracy can carry a prison sentence of up to five years, in addition to any other criminal charges filed if members of a conspiracy completed their plan. All members of a conspiracy may be held accountable, no matter their particular role in the plan. For example, if an individual had a very small part in a large drug cartel which conspired to transport a large amount of drugs, that person may face the mandatory minimum sentence based on the entire quantity of drugs, even though their part in the plan was minor.

Conspiracy Defendants Need the Highest Quality of Defense

Conspiracy allegations can involve a large amount of evidence collected by federal agents during often lengthy investigations. At times, important evidence may be collected in violation of your constitutional rights. A skilled defense attorney will be able to identify any rights violations and keep any such evidence out of court.

A qualified federal conspiracy defense lawyer will also be able to determine whether any affirmative legal defenses apply, including duress or entrapment. If you withdrew from the conspiracy at any point, your attorney can use this fact to help in your defense.

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