“Fraud” is a term which encompasses a number of white collar crimes under both Maryland and federal laws. There are many types of fraud charges, though all of them have potentially serious criminal consequences. The Casper Firm’s experienced Baltimore fraud lawyers can assist you if you’re facing criminal fraud charges.

Defending a Variety of Fraud-Related Charges

Every fraud case has its own unique set of circumstances and allegations. At The Casper Firm, we understand the importance of fully investigating the details of your case to develop a defense strategy specially tailored to your charges. For example, criminal fraud charges can involve a wide variety of acts and allegations, including but not limited to the following:

Credit Card Fraud

Using false information to wrongfully obtain or use a credit card.

Healthcare Fraud

Doctors, medical staff, or patients filing false claims to Medicaid or Medicare.

Mail Fraud

Using the United States Postal Service to commit any type of fraud crime.

Tax Fraud

Intentionally filing a tax return with inaccurate information to avoid tax liability.

Bank Fraud

Giving false identification or information to obtain a loan approval or access to financial accounts.

Fraud Against the Government

Defrauding any government agency for financial gain.

Fraud Against an Employer

Wrongfully misappropriating property or assets from an employer.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Lying about your assets, debts, or personal information to take advantage of the United States bankruptcy system.

The legal defenses available in your case will depend on the underlying act that the prosecutor believes you to have committed. Though each type of fraud case may have its own elements and defenses, they all depend on accusations of deceptive acts. An experienced fraud defense attorney can help you fight those allegations and limit the consequences you face.

Fraud Convictions Can Have Serious Consequences

The charges and potential consequences associated with fraud crimes depend on different factors including the specific type of fraud alleged and the amount of money in question in your case. For example, under Maryland law, credit card fraud can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony with varying possible sentences, as follows:

Amount of money stolenChargeMaximum jail sentence
Less than $100Misdemeanor90 days
$100 to $1,000Misdemeanor18 months
More than $1,000Felony15 years

As you can see, the possible penalties can escalate substantially as more money is allegedly at stake. In addition to jail time, you may also face costly fines, probation, and restitution. A conviction for a fraud crime on your permanent criminal record may furthermore limit your future educational or professional opportunities because of the deceptive nature of the offense. Our experienced defense lawyers will fight to avoid conviction and the associated consequences.

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