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Business Disputes

We regularly handle complex, high-value business-related disputes for plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and businesses, across a wide range of industries. Our excellent record of results is well known, a reputation which often facilitates the resolution of cases before trial.

From the outset, our approach to every case is to prepare the case on the premise that the matter will go to trial. Cases prepared to be tried have a stronger likelihood of a positive result either because the case settles favorably or because success is achieved at trial. We work with the top forensic experts to assist in crafting a clear and understandable presentation. The goal is to persuade the judge, arbitrator, or jury, which demands clarity in presenting factual and expert opinion evidence.

As appropriate, the firm will work with you on our fee arrangement, including hybrid fees (a reduced standard hourly rate plus an “upside” contingent fee).

The Casper Firm's Approach to Commercial Litigation

The Casper Firm takes a unique approach to commercial litigation by preparing your case for trial from the outset. As a federal prosecutor, Mr. Casper focused on business fraud cases, in which he regularly prosecuted cases involving millions of dollars, and convicted one defendant of attempting to steal over a billion dollars in United States Treasury bills. Mr. Casper tried a series of high-profile cases that resulted in convictions. He will approach your case as if it is a federal prosecution.

Mr. Casper, an experienced commercial litigation attorney, has represented both plaintiff and defendant corporations, and individuals, in high-stakes commercial litigation matters involving hundreds of millions of dollars. We work with the top forensic accountants in the nation to craft an easily understandable presentation even in the most sophisticated business cases. Mr. Casper recognizes that the presentation is only as good as a jury is able to comprehend.

Because legal fees should not be an obstacle to litigation, the firm may work with you on alternative fee arrangements, such as hybrid fees (a combination of a reduced hourly rate and contingent fee) or contingent fees to ensure that you get your day in court.

Areas of Business Litigation

Our attorneys will help your business resolve issues that arise from disputes involving:

Breach of Contract

Interference with Contractual Relations

Breach of Fiduciary Duties


Criminal & Civil Conspiracy

The Casper Firm, Commercial Litigation Attorney – Big Firm Credentials, Small Firm Attention

While The Casper Firm offers clients the experience, knowledge, and resources of a big firm, we take pride on our ability to do so with the care and dedication of a small firm. Your business needs aggressive representation by a seasoned commercial litigation attorney. We offer alternative fee arrangements to accommodate your needs. To discuss your case with us, call The Casper Firm at (410) 989-5097 and make an appointment for an initial consultation. The sooner you seek legal counsel, the more options you may have for resolving your dispute.

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