Train Accidents

The US currently has 700 different railroads, with hundreds of thousands of miles of track. For some time, train travel had been decreasing, but due to congestion in many large cities and airports, railroads have seen a dramatic rise in passengers over the past decade. Unfortunately, these travels are not without incident.

Train accidents occur every 2 hours, accounting for 3,000 incidents per year. Approximately one thousand fatalities per year are due to railroad accidents, with many more injured. These accidents include those occurring with pedestrians, collisions with other trains, collisions with other motor vehicles, and train derailments. While some of these incidents may be unforeseeable, sadly, many could have been prevented.


  • Inadequately marked crossings
  • Equipment failures
  • Inadequate safety devices in the trains
  • Inadequate safety devices on the tracks
  • Poor train handling
  • Incorrectly set track switches
  • Unsecured train cars


Railroads fall within the legal category of a common carrier, a business that transports people and goods for a fee. In this capacity, railroads owe a heightened duty to ensure the safety of its patrons. At The Casper Firm, we represent Amtrak passengers nationally who have been the victims of tragic train accidents and are prepared to fight aggressively for the rights and just compensation of those injured or killed in these incidents. We are currently representing and accepting clients injured in the Amtrak accident in Halifax, NC on March 11, 2015, as well as the Amtrak accident in Philadelphia, PA on May 12, 2015. Please call our experienced attorneys at (410) 989-5097.


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